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This week long ago: Buckineer…It’s pirates

On the 22 November 1718 a fearsome looking man of Bristol, from whence many a fearsome looking man has come, died in battle.
Edward Teach was better known as Blackbeard, beacause frankly you can’t instill cold hearted terror into the hearts of others being called Mr Teach, and carved out a very successful career taking things from people. Without asking.

The 1600s and 1700s were filled with theivery and oportunism of all kinds, from the smugglers lurking around the Cornish coast to those like Blackbeard sailing the seas.

The West Indies with their lucrative resources and active trade routes were the perfect place for pirates to lurk around, and with a fleet of two was well placed to take advantage of innocent ships in their sights. The two gradually increased until by 1718 Edward Teach had enough ships that they were described as a flotilla.

In that year Teach had hinted that he might accept the government pardon that was on offer, but the lure of piracy was too much and he returned to piratical behaviour.

Blackbeard and the Queen Anne’s Revenge

All this pirate activity was bound to annoy some folk, we’ve seen the level of annoyance Cap’n Jack in The Pirates of the Carribean caused and that’s Johnny Depp, so the Govenor of Virginia Alexander Spotswood’s hatred and gusto to hunt down Teach is perhaps understandable.


Spotswood sent Lieutenant Maynard to hunt down Teach, who traced him to their anchor position. The government ships trapped the vessels in a channel and a gun battle ensued. The pirate crew were taken by surprise by the navy who used those core skills of battle; guns and yelling. The navy succeeded and the battle ended with Teach shot five times and cut up. Maynard took the opportunity to prove the job was done and attached Teach’s head to his bow. It makes a change from the usual mermaid at least.

Blackbeard, defeated. Well in that condition he wasn’t going to go on and do much pirating was he?

You can read, or watch, more about piratical activity here. If you’ve made any pirate based models we’d love to know about them…tell us in the comments or email us .