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Steve’s Advert Break

“I have really enjoyed the recent Adverts for Bombardier English Beer starring Rick Mayall. So much so, that I went out and bought a pack. It’s good beer as well!
So as I sat there supping my new found tipple I thought of some of the other ads that involved a military theme and just recently there have been a few really good ones that have made me stop what I was doing and look up. Mind you only the Bombardier ad has prompted me to go out and buy something….
Actually, that’s not quite true, I really wanted a meerkat but Julie wouldn’t let me have one but I don’t think that was the point of the advert anyway.
I digress, here are my favourites:-
Bombardier English Ale See the full uncut version here
Compare the ( they’re all great but I really like the battle between the Meerkats and the Mongooses. I actually have been thinking about producing a meerkat army….there lies madness)
Strongbow Advert

If  like Steve you want some more war and history adverts we have…
Napoleon and his Hamlet cigar habit
Napoleon and his Tango slapping
Admiral Car Insurance (Y’know for a long dead man Napoleon is getting plenty of work)
American civil war cigars
King Canute and his hamlet habit
KP skips and centurians
Quick Brew tea favoured by generals it seems
Not a general but Mr T and his awesome tank
A Lego King (Henry?) Commands his mighty army of miniature men (yes I know but they are adorable!)

And not an advert but this is possibly the silliest part of this slightly silly post Napoleon vs Napoleon Epic Rap Battle


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