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That time of year is almost upon us again, the getting fat and arguing with relatives time of year. Otherwise known as Christmas.

One of the most difficult things about Christmas can be the gift buying…your brother likes that band with the guitars and stuff but was that the Kooks, or the Kaiser Chiefs, and your girlfriend likes the jewellery from that big shop in town, but she thinks the stuff in the one opposite is cheap and nasty, but which one is which? It can be utter hell…

On the other hand  “I’m simple” , you think, “my interests are easy and straightforward”…oh yeah? No no no. And again no. Yes those in your life know you spend hours painting soldiers and pinging sprues across the room, but do they know which is which? Could they guess at a guaranteed win-win gift for you? If they too are a gamer possibly, but if your missus or mister prefers to take control of the television whilst you skirmish your night away then probably not…

But all is not lost! For this is the first part in our What To Buy the Wargamer in your life for Christmas series….

You can link this page (and those that follow) to those you hope to receive some presents from…and you there, yes you, confused looking spouse/sibling/friend with benefits of wargamer you can ask for advice…either in the comments or by emailing us at


Steps to buying for your wargamer (and steps to getting what you want)

  1. DO, present buyers,  look at what they’ve got. If they all just look like strange little men to you take a photograph and mail it to us, and we’ll tell you what kind of little men they are. (Or we’ll tell you if we haven’t a clue either)
  2. DO, wargamers, tell your beloved what it is you play. She/he isn’t psychic. Seriously they do all look alike in 1/72 scale.
  3. DON’T, present buyers, assume that everything works together. You know that Victoria Beckham book that he bought you last year, because you like clothes, and she likes clothes, so you must like her. And you had to smile and nod and then cried at him mid-February, remember that? Well that’s pretty much the same effect you’re going to have when you present the proud owner of Prussians Landwehr with Russian Artillery. Except with more crying.
  4. DON’T, wargamers, be afraid of being explicit. No, no we don’t mean that way. Say what you want. If you want the Roden Rolls Royce 1914 British Armoured car, then TELL them. Don’t just mildly hint that you want a car for your World War I team.
  5. DO, present buyers, feel free to email us with a list of items and we’ll tell you if we stock them, or can get them.
  6. DO, wargamers, give your gift buyers a few choices. Especially if you have a very specific taste. You may well want one really really specific item to complete your army, but are there a couple of other things that might be okay? Pop them on the list. It’s okay to stick one of those nice airbrushes on the list, but maybe you know, two months dating is a bit early to be spending that much…

Stocking Fillers

Apparently some grown ups still have stockings. Other than the type that one buys at Ann Summers. Yes, little woolly stockings, with satsumas and things in. If you were looking for something that isn’t deodorant, or socks to pop into it here are some ideas…
  1. Dice. All wargamers like dice. They love them. We have lots of different colours. And funky dice boxes too.
  2. Glue is something you can never have enough of.
  3. Paints, brushes, and sets.
  4. Other tools. Steve, suggests a scalpel. I suggest this is probably only okay if you really are sure, because frankly there’s a whole other set of messages attached to buying someone a big knife…no matter how nice it is.
  5. To go with the knife Rob suggests a cutting mat. “So he doesn’t ruin your table”. I think we can guess what he’s been told off for.
  6. And tuft. Yes it’s pretend grass, but goodness they love it.

Next time we will suggest a few books/DVDs that the wargamer in your life might like…And answer any queries you might have.