WOLVES- DIRE WOLVES DeeZee Miniatures DZ09 28mm Wargames


WOLVES- DIRE WOLVES DeeZee Miniatures DZ09 28mm Wargames


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DeeZee MINIATURES Prehistoric Range




 The Dire Wolf is an extinct member of the genus Canis (which contains the other wolves, the coyote, jackals, and the other canines.) It was closely related to the Gray Wolf, but not a direct ancestor of any species known today. It averaged about 5 feet in length and weighed about 57-79kg.
Although designed as prehistoric Dire wolves, these models will make great wolves for a Wild West or North American scene.Models are supplied unassembled and unpainted.

The DeeZee range has been designed to go with the Tooth and Claw rules set (also available from my shop). Of course, they are superb models in their own right and can be used as display pieces, in historical dioramas and are ideal conversion subjects for Fantasy and Scifi gaming.

Arcane Scenery and Models are proud to be authorised stockists for DeeZee Miniatures.

Please note that these models are made of metal or resin and they are not suitable for children. They have sharp points and may be harmful if they are chewed or swallowed.


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