Victrix NAPOLEONS OLD GUARD GRENADIERS napoleonic 28mm set VX0009


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Victrix NAPOLEONS OLD GUARD GRENADIERS napoleonic 28mm set VX0009


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Arcane Scenery and Model Supplies presents:


Victrix Ltd 28mm 




Plastic Set.


This set represents Napoleon’s Old Guard Grenadiers as they would have looked on many of their campaigns from 1804 to 1815 and full of grizzled, veteran character.

The set contains 60 figures. Positions included in the box are:

4 officers
4 standard bearers
4 drummers
16 firing line, firing, priming and loading
16 march attack with arms fully attached
16 either march attack or advancing at porte/charge.

 Figures are 28mm sized, supplied unpainted and made of plastic.


Vitrix Ltd have put a great deal of emphasis on creating authentic and highly detailed plastic figures. They have used traditional tooling methods to ensure the detail is crisp and well defined. Good sculpting and tooling means the detail on the figures is extremely sharp. Modellers and painters will be able to produce finished models to the very best standard.


The clever design of the sprue layout means that Victrix have maximised the number of components a single frame. By providing numerous head and arm options as well as back packs and optional weapons, customers will be able to produce hundreds of different figures.


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