Tamiya GERMAN 6×4 TOWING TRUCK Kfz.69 w.3.7cm PAK 1/48 Scale kit 80


Tamiya GERMAN 6×4 TOWING TRUCK Kfz.69 w.3.7cm PAK 1/48 Scale kit 80


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Arcane Scenery & Models Supplies presents:


Tamiya 1/48 scale


GERMAN 6×4 TOWING TRUCK Kfz.69 with 3.7cm PAK


In the lead-up to WWII, Germany started to transform civilian vehicles into military ones, and one of the subjects was a light 6-wheel truck which was mass-produced starting in 1933. This 1936 evolution of the truck had a 60hp flat four square cylinder engine that mustered 55hp and provided up to 70km/h. The truck was used for transporting personnel and light artillery, and it utilized 6×4 independent suspension with rear 4-wheel drive. The first mass-produced variant was the Kfz.69, which was designed to tow a 3.7cm Pak 35/36 anti-tank gun and carried a driver and 5-artillery crew. It was employed as standard equipment in anti-tank artillery divisions and was seen in action in locations such as France, Poland, the Balkans, and Russia.

The Tamiya model faithfully captures all of the details of the full-size subject thanks to extensive research of surviving samples left over from the war.

Scale 1/48
Construction type Assembly kit
Decals Included
Special feature 1 The model accurately recreates the form of the Kfz.69 with sloping engine hood and rear-mounted ammo cases.
Special feature 2 The newly-designed recreation of the 3.7cm Pak gun can be assembled to depict the weapon being towed by the Kfz.69, or being fired.
Special feature 3 A number of accessories are included to depict accessories such as the jack and soldiers’ rifles.
Special feature 4 Comes with 2 marking options and 6 realistic figures

Tamiya produce excellent quality kits that are designed for the serious modeller. These kits are ideal for conversion or as a basis for a super detailing project.


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