SD.KFZ.232 GERMAN 8 Wheeled Armoured Heavy Car Tamiya 1/48 Scale Kit 32574


SD.KFZ.232 GERMAN 8 Wheeled Armoured Heavy Car Tamiya 1/48 Scale Kit 32574


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Tamiya 1/48 scale 


SD.KFZ.232 GERMAN 8 Wheeled Armoured Heavy Car

During the first half of WWII, German reconnaissance units relied greatly on the Sd.Kfz.231 series heavy armored car. It also came armed with a KwK30 20mm cannon and an MG34 machine gun mounted on its turret. The 8-wheel drive Sd.Kfz.232 had an on-road top speed of 90km/h, and a rear driving position to facilitate swift escape from threatening situations. Its most identifiable point was a large frame-type antenna mounted on the body. These 8-wheeled armored cars were deployed to armored reconnaissance battalions of Panzer divisions and served as the eyes of the German army from Europe and North Africa to the Russian front.

About the Model
1/48 scale plastic model assembly kit of the German 8-Wheeled Heavy Armored Car Sd.Kfz.232. ★Length: 140mm, width: 50mm. The model accurately captures the original vehicle’s angular form and large frame antenna. ★The frame antenna is attached to the pivot on top of the turret. ★For ease of construction, the complex suspension is recreated using a small number of parts. ★Includes torso figure of commander scouting the area ahead of the model, and 2 marking options.

Tamiya produce excellent quality kits that are designed for the serious modeller. These kits are ideal for conversion or as a basis for a super detailing project.


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