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MDF laser cut MOVEMENT TRAY for (8×1) Cavalry Bases or (8×2) 25mm infantry 200mm x 50mm

MDF laser cut MOVEMENT TRAY for (8×1) Cavalry Bases or (8×2) 25mm infantry 200mm x 50mm

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Product Description

Arcane Scenery and Model Supplies presents:

Laser cut MDF Movement Tray for Fantasy and Historical Figures
Suitable for a unit of:

1 Rank of 8,   25mm x 50mm Cavalry bases


2 ranks of 8 25mm square Infantry bases

Laser cut from MDF they come as standard with a 2mm base and 3mm top section, this fits perfectly with all the commonly available bases.
The Movement Trays are supplied in two parts and will require assembly using PVA or super glue to attach the border trim to the base.

The 1/4” (6.35mm) border trim is supplied covering all 4 sides so the trays can be used with troops facing the long or short edge as required.

 They are suitable for 20mm, 25mm to 28mm scale wargames systems and are ideal for Games workshop Warhammer Fantasy Battle and other similar Wargames rules and systems. They are very durable and are of the type used by our studio for our painted units.

PLEASE NOTE that the bases shown in the picture are not included but are shown to clarify the size of the tray. 

If you need glue for your models, I sell Revell Contacta Adhesive, Revell Professional polystyrene glue and a range of super glues and other adhesives. They can be found in the ‘Arcane scenery’ and ‘Glues, Fillers, Paints and Tools’ categories of my shop.

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