Goth Chieftain Footsore Miniatures SAGA Dark Ages 03GTH001


Goth Chieftain Footsore Miniatures SAGA Dark Ages 03GTH001


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Arcane Scenery and Model Supplies presents

Goth Chieftain


Contains 2 metal miniature, poses may vary from those shown.

The Goths were a collection of various different Eastern Germanic tribes. In the 4th Century they were mostly subdued by the the Hunnic invasion from the east, after which they then fought as allies to the Huns. Those that didn’t submit to the Huns fled across the Danube where they then revolted against the Roman Empire, winning a decisive victory at the Battle of Adrianople. The Ostrogoths, those that fought as Hun allies, finally revolted against the Steppe Tribes too and went on to invade and conquer Italy ending the Roman Empire in the West. The Visigoths eventually went even further and established themselves a kingdom in North Africa.

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. Spears, banners and bases not supplied with packs. They are available separately from our store.

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Footsore Miniatures is a joint venture between three good friends with the aim of providing high quality metal miniatures to wargamers and collectors worldwide.

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