ELASMOTHERIUM YOUNG DeeZee Miniatures DZ06 28mm Wargames


ELASMOTHERIUM YOUNG DeeZee Miniatures DZ06 28mm Wargames


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ELASMOTHERIUM, Young Adult charging

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The Giant Unicorn (Elasmotherium sibiricum) (“Siberian Thin-Plate Beast”) was a giant rhinoceros which stood two metres high and six metres (20 feet) long, with a single two metre long (7 feet) horn in the forehead. The animal may have weighed up to 5 tonnes. Its legs were longer than those of other rhinos and were designed for galloping, giving it a horse-like gait. It was probably a fast runner, in spite of its size. Its teeth were similar to those of horses, and it probably grazed low herbs. The movie ‘The 300’ features an Elasmotherium in Xerxes I’s army, and devotes an entire scene to the “monster.” This model is approx. 42mm base to shoulder, 100mm tail to horn.

Models are supplied unassembled and unpainted. Basing and basing material is not supplied

The model shown in the main picture has been painted using Vallejo model colours as follows. Base coat is Basalt grey 70869. It was then dry brushed with a number of lighter greys – Sky grey 70989, silver grey 70883 and off white 70820. Muzzle was painted with flesh 70955 and horn with Iraqi sand 70819. Then washed with army painter soft tone ink and then high lighted with same colours. Base was a Sarissa oval MDF base and the basing materials woodlands scenics yellow grass and Gamers grass winter tufts. Base was textured with Vallejo Earth texture paste, Ballast and Slate. All of these items are available from the Arcane scenery shop.

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Please note that these models are made of metal or resin and they are not suitable for children. They have sharp points and may be harmful if they are chewed or swallowed.


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