Breton Cavalrymen thrusting underarm Footsore Miniatures SAGA NOR205


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Breton Cavalrymen thrusting underarm Footsore Miniatures SAGA NOR205


Out of Stock


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Breton Cavalrymen thrusting underarm

Scale 28mm

The Norman cavalry had developed to be one of the most hard-hitting cavalry forces in the Dark/early Middle Ages. The combination of good training, good equipment and good horses meant they were a real force to be reckoned with from England to Italy and beyond.

The fighters here are dressed in light clothing suggesting Bretons or Norman Light Cavalry, both being armed with either a round shield or the more recognisable kite shield.

Pack contains four different mounted figures all different, three different horses plus one duplicate and four shields.  We will supply with kite shields – if you require round shields instead, please add a note to your order.

Please note that the picture shows the models finished and painted for display purposes. You will receive unpainted unassembled models. Bases, basing material flags, banners, spears are not supplied. 

Miniatures supplied unpainted and may need some assembly. Spears and bases not supplied.

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. Spears, banners and bases not supplied with packs. They are available separately from our store.

If you need glue for your models we also sell a great variety of excellent adhesives in our Glue, Paints and Tools section.

Footsore Miniatures is a joint venture between three good friends with the aim of providing high quality metal miniatures to wargamers and collectors worldwide.

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