Armourfast T34/76 x 2 WWII Tank 1/72 set 99005


Armourfast T34/76 x 2 WWII Tank 1/72 set 99005


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Arcane Scenery and Model Supplies presents:


Armourfast 1/72 scale


WWII  Russian T34/76 Tank.


The box contains parts to make two Russian T34/76 Tanks. The set number is 99009. This is in mint condition sold as new.  There are two tanks in each box designed to be assembled quickly for war gaming purposes. Despite the simple assembly, the mouldings are crisp and generally accurate, enabling you to field large armour formations quickly at a reasonable price. This kit now contains the new toolings.

The Russian T34 medium tank was one of the most significant tank designs of the war. It was instrumental in turning the tide of the war for the Russians. Some consider the T34 to be the best Allied medium tank of WW2 with over 35,000 of these tanks produced during it. The T34 was tough, maneuverable, reliable, and could traverse virtually any type of terrain.

The T34/76 incorporated welded, heavily-sloped armor plate. The tank was relatively easy to produce, maintain, and repair. T34s would eventually outnumber and outperform tanks like the German Mk IV Panzer. Equipped with a 76mm main gun, it was a match for the Mk IV but could not penetrate the frontal armour of the Tiger and Panther tanks at long range. The tank was equipped with hull and turret machine guns and was crewed by four men. It had a maximum speed of up to 55 km/hr and weighed in at 26 tons.


If you need glue for your model, I sell Revell Contacta Adhesive, Revell professional polysterene glue or Super glue. 


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