Armourfast Sherman M4 x 2 WWII Tank 1/72 set 99001


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Armourfast Sherman M4 x 2 WWII Tank 1/72 set 99001


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Arcane Scenery and Model Supplies presents:


Armourfast 1/72 scale 


WWII Sherman M4 Tank.


The box contains parts to make two Sherman tanks. The set number is 99001. This is in mint condition sold as new. There are two tanks in each box designed to be assembled quickly for war gaming purposes. Despite the simple assembly, the moudings are crisp and generally accurate, enabling you to field large armour formations quickly at a reasonable price.


Armourfast produce excellent quality kits & figures that are designed for the serious modeller, collector and wargamer.


Of all the tanks that saw service in World War 2, the Medium Tank M4 (or Sherman I to the British) was probably the most important, and certainly the most widely produced, of all tanks to see service with the Allies in the War seeing service in all theatres including the Red Army with a total output of more than 40,000 tanks. Based on the M3 chassis (Lee/Grant) but with a fully traversing turret armed with a 75mm gun, the first models saw action at El Alamein in October 1942 and from then on it became the backbone of Allied armoured strength.

The Sherman was reliable, easy to maintain, rugged and highly mobile. However it gained an unfortunate reputation for “brewing up” when hit by anti-tank fire earning for itself the nickname of “Ronson” or “Tommy Cooker”. Whilst it had its critics, especially when compared to German tanks of the period, its reliability, endurance, uncomplicated design and sheer weight of numbers meant that it. Was ideally suited to the many roles it was asked to do


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