Arcane Scenery Wheat Scatter or Modelling Flock


Arcane Scenery Wheat Scatter or Modelling Flock


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Arcane Scenery and Model Supplies presents:

Arcane Scenery Wheat Scatter or Modelling Flock

Wheat scattter is a  very light brown scatter ideal for representing wheat fields on a railway layout or in patches on a diorama base. It is slighly lighter, more yellow in colour than the wheat stubble scatter. It can also represent dry or sun baked mud. Use it as paths or around the edges of drying ponds.  For a good contrasting colour use this with Forest Brown or earth brown scatter.

Also very good for ‘painting’ onto vehicles, particularly tanks to represent dried mud on wheels and tracks.

This scenic material is ideal for use on wargame tables, railway layouts or for bases of figures or dioramas. It is easily glued down with watered down PVA glue or wall paper paste.

There is approximately 50gms in each resealable bag.

To get the best effect on your model, try mixing different coloured bags. You will get a more natural finish!

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