Arcane Scenery Blue Scatter or Modelling Flock


Arcane Scenery Blue Scatter or Modelling Flock


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Arcane Scenery and Model Supplies presents:

Arcane Scenery Blue Scatter or Modelling Flock

Blue scatter can be used to represent water on railway layouts and wargame tables. To be honest, there are better products available and I personally would not recommend it for this purpose.

So why I am selling it? Well I think that it would be useful to mix with other scatters to represent flowers in grass, to give a different tone to green scatters, as shadows in snow & ice scenes or to use on Fantasy bases such as LOTR, Eldar in warhammer 40k or elves & magicians in Warhammer. It also completes the range of scatter that I stock!

If you’ve got a better idea for its use (sensible and clean, please!) then e mail me and I will send you a free mini bag of scatter of your choice.

A suggestion from one of our customers:

“I thought that it would be great for an aquatic, sea-bed themed board. Make a good base for coral reef! “

This scenic material is ideal for use on wargame tables, railway layouts or for bases of figures or dioramas. It is easily glued down with watered down PVA glue or wall paper paste.


There is approximately 50gms in each resealable bag.


To get the best effect on your model, try mixing different coloured bags. You will get a more natural finish!


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