WW2 GERMAN SD. KFZ 222 Armoured car 1/48 scale – 28mm Blitzkrieg Miniatures


WW2 GERMAN SD. KFZ 222 Armoured car 1/48 scale – 28mm Blitzkrieg Miniatures


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Arcane Scenery and Model Supplies presents:


Blitzkrieg Miniatures


 SD. KFZ 222 WW2 German Armoured car

1/48 scale or 28mm resin Model Kit

This version of the vehicle was armed with a 2 cm KwK 30 L/55 autocannon and a 7.92 mm MG34 machine gun. Crew increased to three by the addition of a gunner, relieving the commander of that task.
These 1/48th scale tanks are produced in high quality resin and are ideal for the wargamer. The models are supplied with the Hull & tracks assembled, turret & guns and are very quick to assemble and finish. They have a level of detail that will ensure that they look superb on the gaming table, whilst remaining robust enough for the rigours of wargaming.The scale will mean that the tanks look realistic against most ranges of the 28mm figure ranges available. It also means that they are compatible to the other 1/48th scale model kit ranges available.We believe that these models will enhance your army and with the growing range available, allow you to build a comprehensive collection of tanks and AFV’s from all theatres of the Second World War.

Please note that the picture shows a model straight out of the box with no cleaning up and any guns are either pushed or blu-tacked into position. The models are supplied unassembled & unpainted and do not include the crew.

 We recommend that you wash them in warm soapy water and fully allow to dry prior to painting to remove any mould release; then simply undercoat them and paint to your required finish.

These models are designed with the gamer in mind ensuring that your models will need the minimum of finishing before they are ready for use.

 Due to the nature of resin always wear a dust mask and work in a well ventilated area when sanding, drilling and cutting. 


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