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Romans II

On to painting our little general.
The figure was painted using Vallejo paints most of which should be obvious from the photo. It’s old school painting from a black undercoat, building up layers of colour,dark to light. None of that new fangled dipping here. Neatness is the key, get the face right and a lot of other stuff isn’t always noticed. The cloak is in good old “Hollywood red” as it just looks nice, Our fave recipe is…. mmmmm cake….. sorry, for reds…. cavalry brown, red, then flat red followed by a tiny high light of scarlet for that dressed by Gok Wan look which just screams style. Or in other words helps the figure stand out on the table.
The dog “Hell” was painted following painstaking research (ok Google) and was again painted using Vallejo paints.
Both figures were glued into a circular MDF base and various scenic items added to make it interesting.  A well thought out base always helps the figure look good and make a basic paintjob look much better.
Next on the work bench is Primus Pilus  and the first of our units for “Clash of Empires”.
Editor’s note: We really like the painting that TheStug has done but what we’d really like is to hear all about your painting projects. So please send us an email or comment!