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Raindrops on rifles and musket wielding kittens…these are a few of our favourite links

Since we spend quite a bit of time mooching about on the internet, we thought you might like to know some of the locations the folk around here mooch about on the ‘net (mostly historical war related…but umm not all)

Internet Map by The Opte Project (2005)

Steve-our lord and master

Apart from the shop, and eBay Steve also can be found..

Rob-shop superhero and forum lurker

Rob is a non history gamer at heart so he lives at…

When not on a forum he enjoys

Lotte-I like to pretend I’m not as nerdy as I am

History sites:

Other internet places to lurk…
  • BBC news website. Sometimes their failure to edit things into cohesive paragraphs makes me want to cry, but it is probably the best conventional news site.
  • The blog of Dr Alun Salt, archaeologist, blogger on science in the ancient world and academia.
  • The awesomely funny xkcd

Hayley-Packaging and Facebooking Princess

Louis Marchane-the Arcane abstract Valet

Lergy Lerker-our near neighbour

When not being an official mascot for Unseen Lerker

  • The mighty Google
  • Twitter
  • eBay
  • And for over 18s (or 21s if you happen to live in the US) the tales of TuckerMax (from one of Lergy’s human colleagues this link!)

Steve Cummings-table top buildings designer

When not making some of the most beautiful buildings ever
  • Lead Adventures forum which covers everything from Wild West wargaming to HP Lovecraft inspired wars, passing via Indiana Jones, Dinosaurs and even railway wargames…
  • Steve Dean’s forum for figure painting and modelling
  • The BBC, for everything from historical information to flash games


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