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The tanks and vehicles in this range come in 1/100th scale making them compatible to the Battlefront Miniatures ‘Flames of war’ range and Rules set, and the Plastic soldier 15mm range. The troops and artillery are 1/72nd scale making them ideal for collectors and wargamers in this scale. They are ideal for use in the Battlegroup Rules set or with the ‘Rapid Fire’ series of rules. They are of course compatible to other 1/72nd scale ranges such as Airfix, Revell, Italeri and Plastic Soldier Company, to name but a few. The Aircraft come in a variety of scales but will be useful when used with any of the above sets. The kits are snap together but you can of course assemble them with glue using a good polystryrene cement to ensure a more durable finish for gaming. The models are superbly sculpted moulded and detailed and with care, when painted, will build into superb little replica’s.


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