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Not Friday Round Up…

Our Lord and master is still sunning himself on foreign shores (and probably has found his way to the nearest war gaming club…). So in the meantime I decided to investigate some of the items in the Arcane Scenery stockroom, that we don’t cover very frequently.

The Timpo plastic 1/32 range is for the younger gamers in your life, the gateway gaming item as it were. They are comparatively low prices (£1.99 to £13.99), and require little to no construction and painting (which is also good news if like me you happen to have once got very firmly attached to an Airfix kit and are still quite bitter about having to be sliced off of aeroplane fuselage).

They are lighter polythene type of plastic and more able to cope with the less delicate fingers of small people than some of the more ‘delicate’  higher level models.

So, dear reader, in the spirit of full investigative faux-journalism (I like to pretend in amongst the tanks here I am Martha Gellhorn) I bought two of the Timpo products so we can have a closer look…

First up the  Knights’ Tent, for the jousters in your life…

The base is around about 9.5cm diameter, and it’s about 10cm-11cm tall (depending on whether you count the flag or not).

The roof of the tent and the valance come apart from the lower half very easily and are simple enough to assemble that  even the youngest of gamers could manage this.

The holes on the base part are really clear (even visible on the not especially good photo here) and the nibs just pop into them with little effort.

The lower half has curtain detail at the doorway which is not especially intricate detail, but does at least give enough of a sense of fabric.

The tent is £1.99 and would be a great pocket money item for a neophyte gamer. It is probably not really suitable for a full on gaming table unless nothing else meets your needs, but it is very light and pretty sturdy.

The second item, or rather items, are the Guards Band. These 54mm men come in white plastic ready to paint, Steve suggests though that you wash and undercoat beforehand. There are ten little bandsmen in the set, wearing bearskins and dress uniform.

The set includes the band leader/conductor complete with staff (please excuse my fingers!)

The percussion section includes two drummers and a cymbalist

Brass includes a trombone, a euphonium and two cornets/trumpets

The woodwind section contains a flautist and soprano saxophone (no clarinet though, what kind of band is that?!)

As you can see, there is some facial detail. However, it is not that detailed and if these were the soldiers of choice for a small person they’d probably want a fair bit of help with the painting. Honestly though, the faces aren’t great on the Timpo models, for youngsters they are really good pocket money models, but for an adult gamer they would probably not provide enough detail. They have bases, but a couple of those with heavy front instruments

The Guards are £3,99, as are the cowboys, Afghans, and Highland Band.



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