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Friday Round Up

We have some fabulous new stock and some very exciting forthcoming stock….

From Zvedza, designed for their own game, ‘Art of Tactic’, but ideal for Flames of War gamers a Soviet ZIS-5 truck, German Opelblitz truck, Soviet KV-1 tank and two Soviet soldiers with their 82-MM mortar.


Also new in stock are some unusual tanks from Hobby Boss. Steve has long been a really big fan of Hobby Boss products for their ability to produce really good quality moulding for a relatively low price.

First of the three is the PzKpfw I Ausf. C (VK601) 1/35 which was in service 1942 to 1945, and manufactured by Krauss-Maffei. A light tank with space for a crew of 2 it weighed 8000kg and came armed with one 7.92mm EW 141 and one 7.92mm MG 34 machine. The Maybach HL 45P engine could reach up to 79km/h.


Second of the three new kits is the VK4502 [P] Hintern tank. There are lots of details about this Porsche designed tank at Michael McSwiney’s Technical Virtue.

And third, and most interesting (in the humble opinion of the office) is the Land-Wasser-Schlepper an amphibious vehicle  in its early un-armoured version. Disappointingly  there appears to be no German Shepherd kit available to recreate the cover picture…

Keeping to the tank theme we have a rather exciting coming soon from Italeri. The Crusader III  was the first British tank to mount the 6 pounder gun, around 100 participated in the Second Battle of El Alamein.  This is a classic Italeri kit.

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