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Friday round up…

Welcome to lovely sunny Friday round up war gamers of internetland…

There have been a lot of restocks this week …  we have topped up our A Call to Arms range and it’s good to have the range of Zulu’s back in stock in 1/32 scale, featuring Zulus from the battles of Ulundi, Isandlwana and of course Rorkes Drift.

We’ve also restocked across the range of Italeri and now have good availability on the 1/72 military kits and figure ranges, 1/35th scale tanks and AFV’s, 1/48th scale military kits and the 1/32 scale soldiers range.

We mentioned some new releases last week and we’re pleased to say that they have arrived and will be available in the ebay shop for the weekend.

Also on the restock list is Academy Kits in 1/35th scale and we’ve topped up on some of the Emhar WW1 soldier sets. To go with these we now have three versions of the Rolls Royce Armoured car from Roden available!

As if this all wasn’t enough, we have had a big restock on Evergreen plastics some of which at first sight might look sort of like the things that hold the backs of bookcases together, but are in fact the secret to some gorgeous made from scratch models. If you’ve got a vision of something amazing that you want for your tabletop, and there isn’t quite anything in the pre-made world that meets your ambition, then the styrene sheets and pieces may be exactly what you need. If you want some inspiration have a look at some of these examples from the people at Evergreen.

And finally more stock in from Expo tools so there are plenty of glues, tools and accessories to keep you modelling!


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