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Friday Round Up

Howdy folks. Apologies that this is a few hours later than normal…

First this week…We have been extending the Strelets range, which is full of some very unusual conflicts, with French and British Napoleonics in Egypt, Scots of Robert the Bruce and the Russian Army of Alexander Nevsky. Though much of the range focuses on Russians, understandably, they have incredible scope of conflicts. However, some people are not fans of the moulding process which uses softer polythene plastic and the ‘lively’ colours. But we think the rare battles more than makes up for that.

Since C&A closed the work for men who can point has been limited to the back of Sunday newspapers…till now!

The boss thinks the thing in the second picture is a cow….ummm he’s from Devon too, I thought they had cows there…

We have a new range! And we’re a little bit fond of it, because we’ve been working with the team that made it to develop some models that we think you will love. Blitzkrieg Miniatures are resin models of tanks, other vehicles and scenery. They come as single piece or two piece models and are very detailed 1/72 (20mm) scale, ready to paint and go. To start with we have the Tiger, which is very well known, and the Staghound, which is not. And this is how the range will expand. The well known and the more obscure vehicles, from all kinds of campaigns and theatres of the era.

On our ongoing mission to extend the HobbyBoss range we now have the Swedish CV50 and the GMC Bofors truck. We love HobbyBoss here, and soon we will have all of them, all I tell you!

A wee while ago we stopped carrying Mantic fantasy as we moved into history alone, but we couldn’t resist the new corporation figures, with their excellent moulding, realistic figures and realistic prices for fantasy figures. So we’re justifying them to the business plan as being future history… (and they’ll be on the website after the weekend).


Till next week…Anon