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Friday Round Up

Helleh there… well this week we have some lovely new things …but also PC hell so they are going on sloooowly.

From Airfix, in their reboxing programme, and Steve’s effort to stock every Airfix on the planet ever, we now have The Fairy Swordfish (famous for sinking the Bismark), German Arado AR 196, and Japanese Mitsubishi Zero.

From Zedzva, in their Art of Tactic series we have in Soviet 85mm Anti Aircraft guns, the LI2 transport plane (which looks suspiciously like the Dakota), and a box of paratroopers. Everyone needs a box of paratroopers, don’t they?

We also have an Operation Barbarossa expansion pack, for Battle for the Danube which includes an armoured boat and train… AND also from Zedzva a Mounted Samurai and Ashigaru Yari.


And , shop exclusive, coming when Rob finishes posting stuff long enough to get near a computer…48 new Vallejo paints. Shop only not going on the bay of e…