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Friday Round Up

Bases bases all around….

We have two very one off specials at the moment…when they’ve gone they’ve gone…

First up we have a limited stock of 1/72 terrain from Steel Models…we are just stocking a one off supply of these lovely bases, so grab them while you can…


Similarly we have a batch of Gale Force 9 special packs containing the steel sheets for movement trays, again these are a when they’ve gone they’ve gone. So get ’em while they’re hot kids.

Also in bases, we are extending our range of resin with more cracked earth/desert, more skeletons and new fall of Berlin. The Berlin range have been designed with WW2 in mind but they would work well for all kinds of modern conflicts.

And from Flames of War we have five new scenery lines… S’all about the bases.

Well almost…

From Perry Miniatures we now have their metal War of the Roses range.

We have almost all of SAGA, and the second print of the rules. The supplier is having some issues with Viking and Anglo-Dane dice, and we’re waiting for Jarg Sigwaldi to finish his marauding…but otherwise we have everyone else here, ready and waiting to invade on your behalf.

A maths quiz…what is Δ6 ?

Here’s a clue:

Not got it yet…6 is the daily rate of Tamiya increase here at Arcane…though that is just to complete the range…very very soon we will be complete…

And finally not getting enough Steve in your life? Well no fear…yet again the master is in Wargames Illustrated, this time both he and his models are posing…and he’s written something. Don’t worry though, he won’t be in next month’s issue, so you can safely buy that one from us even if the boss man is the monster in your nightmares…

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