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Friday Round Up

Hello folks,

It’s a longer one this week [insert joke of choice here]…

First up we have some new items from a company we here at Arcane Scenery have long had a (totally platonic) crush on, Wargames Factory. There is lots and lots to love about the products from Wargames Factory, and these latest figures are the best we have seen yet. The figures are really beautifully moulded, and the sprues even have a a little stacking bit so you can fit them all in the box neatly, rather than in a slightly chaotic mess as is usual. Sadly the boxes themselves don’t reflect the quality, with some slightly unusual design decisions going on…BUT don’t let the boxes dissuade you. The two new items this week are Heavy Weapons set, and the Spanish Succession Cavalry. The Heavy Weapons set is a little bit Sci-Fi, which is not ordinarily our [battle]field, but the figures have Nazi, Samurai and even French Foreign Legion inspirations so would work great in future war scenarios or alternate worlds ( if you have not met alternate world scenarios before, there are games like A Very British Civil War, which supposes what might have happened if Edward and Mrs Simpson had not jettisoned themselves to the South of France)….A similar type of set from a very well known company *cough* GW *cough* would set you back around about £25, but the Wargames Factory set is £16.50, and we think they’d sit nicely in any 40k troop.

The Spanish Succession Cavalry comes with a variety of heads and bodies so you can create a range of expressions on your cavalrymen…

This set is a very welcome addition to the Horse and Musket genre.

Very excitingly we are now stocking Perry Miniatures metals to go with the plastics that we stock already. Initially officers and artillery….but watch this space

To go with the Gripping Beast rules we now have the warband sets…at the moment we only have the Normans, but should have the other armies (Anglo-Danish, Vikings, Welsh) by next week. We already stock Gripping Beast plastic vikings and several other dark age warriors (and worriers), and for those of you of a Viking persuasion we stock the fabulous Revell Viking ship, so your vikings can pillage to their heart’s content at lands far away…

The latest Plastic Soldier halftrack version is now in stock (now with even more stowage) which further expands our ever growing range of Flames of War friendly 15mm figures and equipment. If you are a Flames of War gamer do remember to check out our Zvezda items which are not only perfectly sized, but also impressively simple to assemble….

From Deezee we now have the leopard which will function as a puma or jaguar depending on how you paint it (and how much zoological accuracy distresses you). If you need a big cat for ancient battles, or jungle scenes, or you just feel felines aren’t a big enough part of wargaming and want to rectify that, the leopard is perfect. We are also hoping soon to receive the Deezee mammoths in resin, which have now been cured of their earlier production issues.

We have the majority of the Trumpeter 1/72 scale, although they are selling fast . For those unfamiliar with the range Trumpeter produce highly accurate and detailed kits in 1/72 and 1/35 scales. At the moment we are concentrating on the 1/72 scale but we do plan to add the 1/35 scale, and if there’s something specific in that range that you want get in contact.

Due in stock in the next few days we are going to be getting some more laser cut MDF buildings, including jail house, church, saloon and livery stable…watch the store!

Also new in from Timpo is the Le Chataeu du Roi (it sounds much more glamorous in French) for the smallest gamers in your life. Despite considerable derision from some here, Steve is a committed fan of this little castle. Not only is this a great gateway to toward proper wargaming, Steve started with the Timpo, and Airfix when he was small. The castle also could be used in parts on a proper grown up wargame table.

There is new stuff arriving all the time so keep an eye on the shop and eBay store.  And if you want to keep up with all our news you can befriend our mascot or follow our page on Facebook.