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Friday Round Up

This week we have some super exciting (to me anyway) new stock…

For some time we have been stocking Dapol scenic items, and now we’re pleased (really pleased) to say we have extended our stock to include Evening Star (Britain’s last mainline steam train), a BR Railbus, a shunter and (the gorgeous) Deltic.  Dapol bought moulds, including the Deltic, from Airfix in 1985 when they decided to offload all except their Control Tower. The kits were previously Kitmaster models until Airfix had bought the company in the 1960s. (Incidentally if you are interested in Airfix history The Boys’ Book of Airfix is a good read).

On the Airfix theme they have reboxed a number of lines (and seemingly tidied up the moulds) and accordingly we have in stock G for George Lancaster, a Vulcan, and a Spitfire and Messerschmitt set ready for a dogfight all in nice new shiny boxes. Airfix kits are great for a little break in painting your hundreds of troops, or if a bad loss has left you feeling a bit less love for your soldiers right now. Also they are great bonding devices, invite your favourite niece or nephew around for a learn to model session.

From Revel we also have new stock, including SpZ Marder tank, Leopard tank and WW2 American Infantry.

Hobby Boss new to us item is the Defender XD Wolf.

Italeri have brought us some artillery in the shape of  the Italian Canone and Japanese Howitzer.