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Friday Round Up

This week Steve is VERY excited because we have 4 new Trent Miniatures packs…Polish Command Cisalpine, Irish Militia II Firing Line, British Light 6 pounder/long 3 pounder, and the item about which Steve is most excited 28mm spoked wheels…The packs are part of the French Revolutionary Wars series

“The French Revolutionary Wars were a series of major conflicts, from 1792 until 1802, fought between the French Revolutionary government and several European states. Marked by French revolutionary fervour and military innovations, the campaigns saw the French Revolutionary Armies defeat a number of opposing coalitions and expand French control to the Low Countries, Italy, and the Rhineland. The wars involved enormous numbers of soldiers, mainly due to the application of modern mass conscription.
The French Revolutionary Wars are usually divided between those of the First Coalition (1792–1797) and the Second Coalition (1798–1801), although France was at war with Great Britain continuously from 1793 to 1802. Hostilities ceased with the Treaty of Amiens 1802, but conflict soon started up again with the Napoleonic Wars.”

The Tamiya products that we mentioned last week can now be found in our eBay store

And in a little Flames of War theme…

We have now in stock Javis 15mm Urban walling suitable for Flames of War

The Plastic Soldier Allied M4A1 15mm tank is now in stock

And very excitingly (you can see we have lots of excitement this week) our World War 2 15mm buildings will be on the tables at the Flames of War European Grand Tournament in Nottingham this weekend


A little aside…

We thought it was worth mentioning again the two shop process that Arcane Scenery operates on. Most of the links, that we use in the blog, you will notice,  will link to our products on our eBay shop. Historically we have operated the Arcane Scenery store and the eBay store almost separately to ensure that we don’t inadvertently run out of popular products by having them in two places at once. However, we are increasing our stock holding significantly and so soon will be linking more equally. There will still, from time to time, be items that are exclusive to one or the other. For UK shoppers spending under £10 the shop is post free too!


A further little aside…

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