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Friday Round Up

Hello Wargamers…this Friday round up we have everything from tanks to Mongol hordes, ruined shops to hummers , and even some potential resistance fighters…

The Airfix ruined buildings are great scenery for adding some devastation and colour to World War two or one skirmishes in 1/76


The (rather gothic) Church, town house and four storey shop are all under £20.

Moving swiftly on by about sixty odd years Brand new from Academy is the M1151 HMMWV a four seat transportation vehicle which appears in the HBO series

Staying with vehicles from Italeri we move onto the 1/24 Long Wheel Base 109″ Land Rover. The 1/24th is an unusual scale for us to stock, but Steve was unable to resist an icon of British military transportation and so for those of you who like everything a bit bigger we have them in stock.

And also from Italeri we have the “Jumbo” Sherman M4A3E2, which confusingly for some of us (me) is in 1:72 scale so a somewhat diminutive jumbo. It is however, made especially for war gamers and thus instead of lots of minuscule parts there are only 12 bits.

Are you a Golden Horde in 1/72

And finally we have some restocks on Dapol railwaymen and platform people. Primarily these 20mm folk are intended as background for model railways and all look as though they live somewhere around 1952 (I live next to a train track and I can assure you I have not seen a single bowler hat on any of those Network Rail chaps). However, with some amendments they could work in a variety of skirmish settings…beheaded and reheaded railwaymen could become trench digging soldiers or POWs, and the bored passengers could be le resistance (there’s one chap who looks as though you wouldn’t want him stood behind you at a bus stop if you happen to be a dissident…)


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