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Friday Round Up

Lots of lovely new toys and things this week…

First up from Plastic Soldier Russian Heavy Weapons in 28mm 

The pack contains:
2 maxim teams firing
2 maxim teams moving
2 x 50mm mortar teams
2 x 82mm mortar teams
2 firing PTRS anti tank rifles
2 moving PTRS anti tank rifles


An expansion for the Rate of Fire WWII skirmish rules which covers tanks, soft vehicles, halftracks, SP guns, Artillery, anti-tank weapons and infantry weapons. It includes data for vehicles from allied and axis, with details of main and secondary weapons. It is not a complete rules set to used alone though.

The Murdoch-Brooks-NOTW stuff is nothing compared to the news we have now….A new Perry Miniatures plastic release…Mahdist Ansār 1881-1885 tribesmen

They’re Perry’s , they’re new and they’re awesome, what more do you need to know?

Convenient segue here because you might like to use some rules which are not in themselves new, but new to us at Arcane Scenery Death in a Dark Continent by Chris Peers, which covers a range of Sub Saharan conflicts in 1870 to 1899 period.


Sticking with the rules theme Rules of Engagement Campaign Scenarios are now available on CD in PDF format.


And coming soon….From North Star more Matabele Warriors, more Great War British Cavalry and early Germans and Brits, to the Wild West range more Buffalo Soldiers….Next week we’ll be talking about some new Warlord releases, but in the meantime the Wittman’s Tiger is now in stock (as are some slave girls for those Roman Centurians to get all, ummm, motivated)

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