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Notre ami en France

We get very excited when we hear from our customers about what they’ve been up to with their models. The 1/32 and 1/72 variety, not Giselle and Naomi. We don’t want to know about that, thank you very much. But I digress…

One of our customers, Stephane, sent us some pictures of a model he has recently been working on.

Stephane is a very talented man, as evidenced by not only the beautiful painting job, but by the drum which Stephane designed and made from scratch. Stephane has a blog which contains his vast array of work, ranging from older models which he has bought to recreations. It also reveals that very sensibly Stephane dislikes Brussel Sprouts, our kind of chap.

Merci Stephane pour partager vos modèles.

Do visit his blog to look at his great work, and do tell us about what you have been making either in the comments or send an email to