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Boxes of ticky tacky

Not so much a history post this week as an art post….

We thought we would cover some of our favourite and some of our less favourite box designs

Fireforce Games-Teutonic Knights



Well drawn picture, vibrant art, proportional pictures, spirited, actiony  nice grey tones, understated without being dull.  It shows the assembled beings on the back, and only lacks in not having pictures of sprues.

Wargames Factory: Might Of Rome Ancient German Cavalry



Photos of the actual models-yay but photo shopped onto scenery of umm we aren’t sure, surrounded with an outline or some other choice that we cant even imagine. Luckily their sprues are bloody awesome.

Perry Miniatures-French Napoleonic Line Infantry and Zouaves



Evocative  lively drawings, colourful and vibrant, nice facial detail with  drawings by Peter Dennis who is clearly a talented man. Beautiful. The backs of boxes fabulous painting suggestions  are really really good and other companies should embrace this it is a very good thing. The picture of actual models and level of assembly needed also awesome.



We do find the Zouaves amusing, but that’s more about their Tommy Cooper meets pyjamas clothing than the picture.

Hat…WW1 Russian Artillery

We like the simplicity of hat boxes, they don’t crowd them with stuff. You get one simple picture. Thus we like them lots. But we find this box hysterical.


First off the man with his big bullet on the front, looking vaguely camp, and then the drawings on the back … Man leaning with bullet, man proposing, man with abdominal pain, man singing, and man scratching things that shouldn’t be scratched in public. However, the actual models are fabulous.

Plastic Soldier -Late War German Infantry

We are divided on this.



Rob gets annoyed with Plastic Soldier’s approach to numbering (which seems to be pick 22 random digits) as it makes picking orders hard. But I love the little clear bit on the front so you can see exactly what you are getting!

On the front there is a slightly chaotic painting, it is not one of the most vibrant, but it looks action-y and has plenty of realistic clutter in the scene.

The best bit is the back though. There are two little photos of the models painted up which could be slightly better pictures, but they have a really specific painting guide telling you exact numbers of Vallejo paints that they suggest, and the wonderful little clear plastic bit. It also happens to be a really nicely made box.

Strelets-British Cavalry Ww1, Finnish Army 39-42

Strelets, Strelets, Strelets. We like you. We really do. You’re smart, you like troops  that no-one else covers, and the information on the back shows you clearly know your stuff.

For your pre 20th c wars you have some nice art work…so what’s with the 20th c stuff…it’s like Photoshop Disasters meets Blackadder Goes Fourth. We have the British cavalry which seems to be 5 pictures in 1. There’s the cavalry, then there’s some random infantry people in the corner one of whom appears to be a child and then there is what we assume to be German soldiers being herded, except one is just well randomly stood there.



Then we have the Finns. I love that we have the Finns, but well….there’s the exploding tank…which is clearly meant to be at distance but is so close to the snowy foxhole that i can only assume it is some special miniature tank that came out of Nazi experiments or something.



Then we have the other men…there’s Janne and Matias clearly caught having their little chat, and check the body language on those two. I’ve seen less subtle chatting up in bad nightclubs.

And further fourth wall breaking from the front with the remaining soldier staring directly at us. This box is either post-post-modern meta genius or well….let’s assume it is the former.


Forces Of Valor-Gmc 2.1/2 Ton Cargo Truck



This is one of Rob’s favourite boxes. Muted colours and though the photos/artwork could do with a bit more misting or something it is a really lovely effect. It looks menacing, the dark green/black tones suit the product its really lovely It also indicates the skill level on the side of the box which is useful information. However, the back of the box is totally blank. Which is a bit disappointing; stick something on there please.

And finally.

Airfix: Messerschmitt Bf109 G6 and Battlefront Diorama.

Proof that even those who have been doing this for years can veer from genius to madness

The Messerschmitt box is beautiful…its evocative , the propeller in movement it comes out of the frame it looks as though it is going to fly out of the box, and it shows you on the front a few schemes.



The back is mostly an advert for the Airfix club, which seems something of a waste of space…though you get a card, and an Airfix passport. Which presumably means you have to revoke your current nationality and become an Arfixian…

Further into madness is the diorama box. The back is great. The front is the ugliest thing I  have ever seen. Ever.



Luckily, the one thing the boxes do prove is that the old adage about not judging a book by its cover holds very true. They all are great kits. Also *trumpet blowing exercise* one of the great benefits of most things we sell is that we show pictures of the sprues or the models made up. And if you want to buy something, and we haven’t got an in box picture give us a shout and we will take one for you (don’t all email at once though please only one camera!).

What are your favourite boxes?