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Arcane People…

If you’ve been a customer, or a blog reader for a while you may well be familiar with Steve. The human embodiment of Arcane Scenery (well almost), what you probably hadn’t noticed was that Steve has some little helpers….

Julie aka Long Suffering Mrs Steve -the lovely Julie, mastermind of good postage systems, replenishment and vessel of infinite patience. She has seen Arcane Scenery go from collection of strange small boxes and trees taking up increasingly large amounts of her house, to the business it is now. Which is happily taking up less of her house, if not less of her husband.

Rob aka Very Organised Restocking Hero-products appear from suppliers, and they somehow make it into the shop and eBay, the vector in that relationship is the very very very organised Rob. Who takes the organisation of photo names seriously people. Seriously. He also packs rather  finely, and in amongst the alarming number of XX genes  at Arcane this young man is one of Steve’s outside work skirmishing pals.

Hayley aka Packaging Princess-you know at Christmas/Hannukah/Eid (/celebratory thing of your choice) when you’re wrapping up all those presents and you decide that next year everyone is getting something square? Well what you need is a Hayley. Except you can’t have her. So neh.

Lotte/Milly aka Girl Friday-you might have noticed lately the tone of the ‘blog has changed a little. Well this (me!) is why. Responsible for the blog, aStore and various other things that involve swearing at computers quite loudly. I’m not a wargamer but I do love finding out about why other people love their hobbies, and what they do (have more patience than me mostly). And, if you want to be featured as one of our guest modellers in an upcoming week please email me on with some photos of your projects, or what’s on your bench at the moment, and tell me all about it (and you, we like to know about you too!)


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