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American fortnight: Product Highlights

Since this is American fortnight (North and South, but mostly North, and umm mostly USA focussed (sorry Canada)) we thought we would show you some of our American focussed stock, of which we are especially fond…

We have mentioned the Western Buildings before, but we thought they were worth another mention…we like them *that* much

The office set are painted up to Steve’s vision of all things western, but these intricate little buildings could just as easily be a Mexican frontier town as a Texan one.

And since no Western town would be complete without some gunslingin’ cowpokes, rustlers and maybe even a sheriff there are cowboys available  from Artizan,  or if y’all need slightly bigger guns there are the 54mm Weston, and  Timpo chaps.

But if your American interests are a bit less O.K. Corral; we have some less desert cactus and more bloody fights for freedom models…

From Perry Miniatures the American Civil War Infantry.

From Hat the Zouaves, there are also Perry Miniatures Zouaves too.

Other Americana available in store includes:

Perry Miniatures North American shop
Artizan Mexican Infantry
Crusader True Grit Marshall
Call to Arms Union Infantry
Italeri Union Cavalry
Imex Alamo Mexicans
And lots and lots more

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