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Monday round up

This is a somewhat bijou round up this week. Focussed I think you could call it. The petite nature of the post is due to a moratorium on new shiny things because this weekend past the bossman was marrying off one of his offspring.

And for this week’s post we have another pairing, though somewhat less romantic. Two Japanese tanks.

Both from Tamiya the Type 97 and Type 1 are in 1:35 scale. Tamiya are a long established and well respected brand, and you regular tank buying chaps and chapesses are probably very familiar with them. So instead we’ll have a little look at their real life counterparts.

The Type 97, which is called 九七式中戦車 チハ (or at least I hope that’s what it says!), saw action in both the second Sino-Japanese war and the Second World War. Developed by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries it was the most produced tank in its size class. It carried two 7.7mm guns and was a none too shabby 38km/h top speed.

The Type 1, the Ho-Ni  (”Hi Ho-Ni I’m home!”) was specifically designed for World War II. It used the main body of the 97, but replaced its not terribly useful gun turret with a huge 75mm field gun. It was though, despite the enormous gun, rather vulnerable in close combat, having a very low armour level.

If you are battling the Pacific end of World War II, or the Sino-Japanese war, or even just fancy something to brighten up the dining table (tank candelabra anyone?) these are great kits.

Let us know what you do with yours!