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The end of the age of civilisation

25 April 404BC/BCE saw the end of a rather lengthy war, The Peloponnesian War.

Athens looking a tad less shiny than it did when it was The Daddy of Greece…(Picture by Harietta171)

And Sparta’s theatre…(by Κούμαρης Νικόλαος)

Featuring two main players with names like something out of Sherlock Holmes, the Peloponnesian League and the Delian League. They sound as though they should be moustache twirling in a gentleman’s club whilst they discuss their accursed foe. They were less smoking jackets and brogues, and more sheets and sandals, but they probably thought their foe accursed. The Delian League was led by Athens which was, at the begining of the war, the daddy of all things Greece. The Peloponnesian League was led by the Spartans. Yes those Spartans.

So lengthy was the war that it was divided into a number of distinct phases: Archidamian War, the Peace of Nicias and the Decelean or Ionian war. I think though, given that it involved *those* spartans we can all predict the outcome. What this particular war does highlight is the after effects, for both winners and losers. As well as going from top dog to litter runt Athens was economically devestated. As was much of Greece [insert modern economic commentary of choice here].

Greek states had for a long time had reasonable relations, sometimes spikey, but rarely that bad. The Peloponnesian War seemingly opened up all that residual Greek anger and they moved from occasional, quite civilised gentlemanly battles, to vicious atrocities which destroyed towns.

ah how things don’t change over the centuries this could be Athens in 401, but it isn’t…at least I don’t think so…(by  Philly boy92)


Should you wish to recreate the Peloponnesian War, you can! The Great Escape Rise and Fall of Persia supplement and many of our 28mm figures are suitable to use in this.

If you play this, or any other games in those rules, or indeed other Greek-Spartan rules let us know how your game got on. With pictures if you have them!