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The Romans march on…

Here’s the first 15 man unit for our “Clash of Empires” starter/skirmish force. Figures are from the Warlord plastic box set  and veterans set  plus the metal command  and an Optio  just to give the unit some variety.


There’s always a great dispute whether or nor Romans wore red tunics or not. Our excuse is it just looks nice. Rather than a bright red, beloved of Hollywood, we used a more muted red on ours.

To speed up painting time we block painted the rank and file the used the “Army Painter” strong tone to add depth and shading. The skin shades and metals were then highlighted back up using the original shade. More time was taken on the command pack and the shields as these are the items that draw the eye.


Basing was done using various flocks and tufts from our ranges . We then used one of our 24 man movement trays filling in the rear rank with a base “decorated” with a couple of figures. This rear rank will be removed when we make up the unit to 20…….one day…….

So there you have it, a fine body of men prepared to die….sorry serve for the greater glory of Rome!

The painting went to well we even had time to paint a leader for our skirmish force. Well our little general wouldn’t want to bother with small border disputes would he? We chose the Primus Pilus model as he looks the sort of chap that leads from the front.