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Inspiration comes from some odd places. A book, a film, someone elses blog or army. It could be from anywhere, but every now and then the figure buying froth descends and miniatures are purchased. This time as a result of a couple of films. “The last legion” with pantaloon botherer Colin Firth and “The Eagle”.Which quite frankly has to be seen to be believed…..plaid wearing beardy old Romans making a last stand against rowdy woodland Indians, oops sorry Picts. Well that’s the film reviews done now onto the figures.

Warlord Games produce a wide range of EIR Romans, that’s Early Imperial Romans to those not in the know. This period is the one most widely collected as the Lorica Segmentata armour on the Romans makes them officially “kewl” amongst da kids.

Ruleswise the excellent “Clash of Empires” seemed an obvious choice. Units of about 20 legionaries seem right. The core plastic box set contains exactly that giving us a “century” on the table of 20 figures representing 80 men. Which is nice. Ideally five such “century” units will make up a “cohort”. That’s a nice sized army before you add on auxilia and allies.

Now the thing we like about Clash of Empires is that it suggests you play some games with smaller units as you build the army and get to know the rules. About 15 figures per unit and 3-5 units in your “army”. So the plan will be to complete a couples of 15 figure legionary units whilst the enthusiasm runs high. Then turn our attention to the auxilia and complete a couple of 15 figures units before adding a unit of skirmishers. That will give us an army to game with whilst we flesh out the units to full strength. Painting different models helps breaks up the monotomy when painting larger armies of the same troop type.

Of course to start with we need an heroic commander. We like the general in the pack “unleash hell” which may or may not take inspiration from a certain film….notable for it’s opening scenes. Or notable to the ladies of Arcane for a certain chaps’ glistening thighs………

Now at Chez Arcane we like to go against the flow so the first thing we did with this general was cut off his head with our hobby saw ¬†and replaced it with a plastic centurion head from the plastic box set. It just gives him a certain gravitas. The head was drilled and pinnned to make sure it would stay on. The hobby saw gives a clean cut but we did fill in the join with a tiny bit of “green stuff” and modelled it into the scarf that protects the neck from a nasty chafing off the armour, We used our small modelling tool.

That’s the simple conversion done now we’ll put this to one side, and we will paint next time.

[Editor’s note: watch out for future installments when TheStug will show off his painting skills…]